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A thanks to Duvbo IK

On the 28th of November 1919, a couple of youngsters with a keen interest in sports, within the society started Duvbo Sports Club (Duvbo IK). After primarily practicing boxing and trying their abilities for football, they settled for what has since that time been the only big interest in the club, namely athletics. In spite of the club not having their own sports ground, many good athletes have emerged from the ranks. Especially the runners have been of very good quality.

Duvbo IK was not built around sports aces, but is a real comrades' club. It is the good camaraderie and unity that is the backbone of the club and that has been the moral support when the times have been bad, when economical and other problems have piled up. It is a pleasure to see that Duvbo IK now has stabilized on all levels. The standard of athletes is good. Our club colours have kept well to the fore at national and international competitions, as an impressing collection of prizes can show.

The above was published in Duvbo IK's Jubilee Magazine 1939.

Duvbo Sports Club is still very much alive and well today and, at a visit in April 2009, the members were working on maintaining the old clubhouse in Tuppstigen. The Chairman, Mr Gunnar Soold, proudly told us that it still is a real comrades' club.

I would like to thank this fantastic club for sharing the material you have about Onni Niskanen. Without you, this Website would not have amounted to much.

Thank you, Duvbo IK!

- Ulf Niskanen