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December 2008
Runner's World published an article in their no. 11 DEC 08/JAN 09 issue about Abebe Bikila and Onni Niskanen. You can read the article here.

June 1984
Pia Bergman made an interview with Onni, published in Save The Children's magazine: "Barnen & vi", no. 3 June 1984. The article is called The Swede Who Became an Ethiopian.

Svensk Idrott (Swedish Sports) published an article about Onni, written by Pontus Lindberg: A Man And His Achievements.

Hemmets Journal wroten an article about Bikila and Onni namned: You Remember the "Barefoot Runner" Abebe Bikila, Don't You? He Won Thanks to a Swede!

January 1942
The swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet" devoted an entire page to an article about Onni.