Carmen lived in Ehiopia for many years together with her husband. They were both close friends to Onni.

"They had a very good time at the wedding, but when they set off home... well, that did not work quite so well."

-Carmen Rubin

The excursion to a wedding in Kenya

Onni and a lad from the Air force, who they called "Rundis" - you could say that he was a keen adventurer - they were both invited to a wedding in Kenya. They were both at the Air force at Bishoftu and had managed to borrow an aeroplane, a small, light two-seated plane. They did not have room for a lot of luggage, so they dressed in dinner jackets and patent-leather shoes before they left.

They had a very good time at the wedding, but when they set off home... well, that did not work quite so well. The plane had an engine problem and they had to make an emergency landing in the desert, still dressed in black suits and patent-leather shoes. And there, when this plane crashed down, things turned very, very exciting for them, I can tell you, because these Afar people arrived... they are a people who live there in the desert. They are very fierce and they think it is wonderful if any strangers arrive, whom they can "take care" of ... they cut the strangers' willies off. Before the Afars can get married, they have to show like ... it is so horrible! I can hardly tell you! But they should preferably have a loop of penis skins that they hang around the horse's neck, reaching the whole way down to the ground. Then they can ride at full gallop to the bride to be and show that he is a man and a warrior and then he can get married.

So Onni and Rundis were naturally terrified! They did all they could to divert the attention from these Afars, who were so fierce and angry. They did all sorts of tricks to make them go away, but they were hard to please.

Later, it was probably Rundis who tried to explain to them that: "we must go home now, we have small children who we have to take care of". I cannot say if it is true, but that is the way the story goes. Finally, the Afars let them go and so they had to walk in their patent-leather shoes and black clothes in the desert. It was such a horrible trip that it has gone round as a legend, so to say, for many years. Onni liked to tell it. Then it was so fun that I met Rundis and had it confirmed, the whole story.

Oh dear, what times!