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Jens Lind´s film "The Coach and the Barefoot Runner" premieres 2015-09-10 on Swedish National Television.

New album:Documentary. Images from Jens Linds work with the documentary about Onni´s life.


New album: Addis September 2010.


There are now photos from SEED's award ceremony in Washington on May 31:st available in the photo gallery.


The movie 'The Athlete', about the life of Abebe Bikila by Davey Frankel and Rasselas Lakew continues its triumphal procession on movie festivals around the world. Read more on their website: theathletefilm.com.


The film 'Atletu' about Abebe Bikila was awarded the CinemAfrica Film Festival Prize 2010. We would like to congratulate the directors, Rasselas Lakew and Davey Frankel.


The 24-28 of Februari CinemAfrica will arrange an African film festival in Stockholm. The festival will open with the movie Atletu about the life of Abebe Bikila.


The photo gallery is being updated and new photos will be added the coming month.


EthioSEED has chosen to posthumosly honor Onni Niskanen for his outstanding work for Ethiopia. The event will be held in Washington D.C. on May 30:th 2010.